Membership is open to all Georgia Institute of Technology Ph.D. students. There is a onetime membership fee of $40.


You can access our resources after you have signed up as a member using this link

We are happy to accept membership from Masters students on a case-by-case basis. We offer our members case and resume workshops, as well as help them find case partners for practice interviews. However, our calendar and most of our events/info sessions are targeted towards advanced degree candidates (Ph.D.). So, we request the Masters students to evaluate their career options thoroughly (i.e. reach out to potential recruiters individually) before deciding to join the club. 

To join the club, please pay the onetime membership fee of $40 via PayPal. *Important: please make sure you do not tick the box asking whether this is paying for goods or a service.

GT students must be currently enrolled in a graduate program at Georgia Tech. Club affiliates are our alumni or students from other schools (Emory, Georgia State University, etc). 

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