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PhD2Consulting Club



Volunteer consulting group

Mission statement

We aim to provide local businesses and non-profit organizations with actionable solutions to their operational and strategic problems, and in doing so give Georgia Tech Ph.D. students interested in consulting an opportunity for hands-on experience.

What we have to offer

The members of Georgia Tech's Phd2Consulting club are eager to utilize their superb analytical skills to solve management problems. We are motivated and strongly driven to develop our consulting acumen and gain hands-on experience volunteering our services as management consultants to local startups, businesses, or other organizations.

For those who are interested in a more challenging engagement, please consider applying for our Special Topic: Volunteer Consulting Group. Over the span of one semester, the team members will have a chance to learn, analyze, and address real world management problems of a large corporation or nonprofits. The group will not be alone. They will have access to Georgia Tech faculty and associate from McKinsey & Co. who will help guide the teams in their consulting process. 

For potential clients, Georgia Tech Ph.D. students have proven track records in tenaciously and successfully attacking new problems, and are eager to help identify, assess, and address your business problems. The students are well-versed in the principle of management consulting, and they possess a rich diversity of technical background and knowledge. The student will intend to conduct concrete fact-based analysis of the problem and deliver recommendations for practical and actionable solutions.

If you are interested in the services of our volunteer consultants, contact us at, and we will discuss how our people can help you.

Interested in joining us?

Are you a Georgia Tech Ph.D. student who is interested in solving challenging business and management problems? Are you looking for ways to volunteer and build your consulting skills? If this is you, then you may be interested in applying for one of our volunteer group. Through the volunteer consulting process, you will gain firsthand experience of real world business problem and consulting process, business presentation skills, networking opportunity, and team work experience. The special topic group is also mentored by prestigious professors and associate from top consulting firm.

How to apply

Please send resume to with subject [2017 Summer VCE] before April 13th, 11:59PM. We will contact you for a quick conversation after that.

For the special Topic Volunteer Consulting Group the application process is now open! Click here for more details 

Current status

We are in the process of reaching out to local businesses through their connections to Georgia Tech (e.g.: through the SAA and the ATDC) to find suitable projects. Once we have lined up projects of the appropriate scope and objectives, we will be deploying our teams of highly enthusiastic and capable volunteers.